Energy surveys


Thermal quantified energy surveys


Energy loss from buildings is an increasing issue of concern.  We have the latest thermal cameras and were one of the first to use these on a drone to allow the whole building envelope to be quantified.  We will survey your assets and provide you with a visual record of how they are performing or where energy is lost.


IRT SurveysOur data can be analysed by the team of experts at IRT Surveys with their unique patented software, Envision.






This allows you to understand and calculate the optimum ways to improve your energy efficiency, and quantify energy loss visually, whether in order to meet MEES to understand and model the return on investment of varying solutions across a portfolio, or to best address specific issues such as minimising fuel poverty.

Infrared can be used to identify:


  • Heat loss from properties
  • Areas of missing/damaged insulation
  • Trapped moisture within flat roofing systems
  • Poor detailing
  • Delaminating render and spalling concrete
  • Porous brickwork
  • Hidden detailing/changes in fabric
  • Erosion and build up of debris to lining of pipes/tanks/furnaces


Thermal quantified energy survey results, analysed by IRT Surveys

thermal surveys



Our case studies will show you what can be achieved through one of our bespoke thermal surveys.


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