Visual and Thermal Defect Surveys

Infrared dilapidation survey by Ocuair



Why use a drone?

Conducting drone surveys of assets can be safer, faster and more responsive than traditional methods.  A surveyor can spend their valuable time analysing the comprehensive record, not acquiring the data.

 drone surveys drone surveying


roof inspection Where?

We specialise where work is at height, in difficult, dangerous or dirty locations, whether we are looking at industrial buildings, a chimney, manufacturing works, bridges, rock faces, cliffs, masts, towers, quarries, wind turbines.

building surveyWhat can we do?

Compared to traditional methods we are less disruptive, more environmentally friendly and cost effective.  We can help you understand your assets, for example finding the extent of leaks on flat roofs, the condition of walls, render and insulation, and finding fixings and fire breaks on clad structures.


This is achievable across the whole envelope of the structure without committing to scaffolding or plant.  We provide surveyors and engineers with expert aerial and terrestrial infrared surveys to give a better insight into the genuine condition of buildings and structures beyond what can be identified visually and without intrusive testing.  Our surveys are backed up by physical testing regimes such as Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) and U-Value testing.  You can then target your access requirements based upon knowledge of condition.


Visual and thermal survey results


Thermal defect surveys, analysed by IRT Surveys



Thermal concrete defect surveys, analysed by IRT Surveys

Identifying spalling or degradation of concrete







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