Condition and Monitoring Drone Surveys


Using a range of sensors, and our complimentary digital data gathering equipment we can help you assess the condition of your assets, building structure or site, finding defects or providing monitoring of those assets over time to allow comparison of volumetric and other physical change, without interrupting site work, repeatable and proven to millimetre accuracy. Through our building surveys we contribute to your understanding of the whole building envelope inside and outside, to provide you with a digital record of condition.



Outputs of our data gathering can be provided in a range of formats, from 3D models to 360° panoramas.  We integrate the data gathered into our proprietary software, VIVID, exploiting technology to accurately understand and position data, to enable an interactive understanding of the data.


Our case studies show some of the inspiring solutions we are able to provide.  With our wealth of experience we are adaptable to different environments, and we have an ongoing commitment to research and development.



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